Dust to Dust

Eve and The Serpent The first beings were born out of the blackness of a great void. The two children played in their infancy amongst the darkness and in great black sands that stretched infinitely and twinkled sharply in the children’s reflected radiance. They took turns shaping the sand, but the younger sibling showed a greater imagination and skill than the elder sibling. And while the elder traveled across the void and filled it with stars and planets and moons the younger created a single planet, and made a jungle to play in, and made life to fill it. But the critters and beasts that roamed the jungle were not enough, and the younger sibling shaped a companion from the black dust, and named it Adam, and Adam named its creator Eden, and they were good and happy; and they were equal. But Adam was different. While Eden could take from the black sands of the void and sculpt as it pleased, Adam was a sculptor of what already had been sculpted; he could take from the things that Eden had already sculpted, and create new things from them.

The elder sibling soon returned and took interest in the work that Eden had done, and became jealous. And the elder sibling went to Eden and said, “Let me play a while on your world and fill it with the kinds of things that fill your jungle.” And Eden made a wall around the jungle and said, “Do as you like but stay outside the walls, what is outside is yours, what is inside is mine.”

So the elder sibling moved throughout the dry empty world imitating Eden’s jungle. And it made thousands of creatures that were similar but not the same as those perfectly shaped creatures in the garden.

A long time passed before it had filled the world with mimicry, and when it returned to the jungle it was still unsatisfied. And at the gates of the jungle of Eden the elder sibling spoke to Eden and said, “Let me play in your jungle.” But Eden said, “No. I am not ready to share this place with you. You have made the world equally beautiful, go and play in it as you would here.” And the elder sibling saw Adam come from the jungle and stand beside Eden at the gate, and said of Adam, “If I cannot come in, may I have this to play with for a while?” And Eden replied, “It is not something to be had, it was created as company in your absence. It was shaped to be as you or I, an equal. But if it wishes to go and be with you, I will not stop it.”

And with some curiosity Adam paused, then took Eden’s hand and chose to stay in the jungle.

The elder sibling was intrigued by Adam, and set out from the jungle with the desire to create a companion of its own. But try after try was distorted and inferior to that of the creature in Eden’s jungle. And after hundreds of the distorted creations went hobbling and knuckle dragging into the vast wilderness, the black sands grew scarce, and the elder sibling grew frustrated and worried that it might never make something as wonderful as Adam, and snuck into Eden’s jungle to take a closer look at the creature. And the elder sibling spun the world into twilight, and then darkness, and this was the first evening. And the elder sibling put the entire jungle under a spell, where all of the creatures of the jungle closed their eyes that they could not see, and closed their ears that they could not hear, and this was called the first sleep.

The elder being found Eden and Adam asleep, and used Adam as reference to shape the last of the black sand in Adams image, but this time the elder being chose to sculpt something different from Adam, and while the creature could sculpt things from the world like Adam, it could also take from the dust of Adam and grow new life, and if that life pledged itself to the elder sibling it would turn back to dust when it died, and the elder sibling could sculpt that dust as it did the black sand. And the elder sibling named its creation Eve, because it was created on the first evening.

And the elder sibling put Eve to sleep beside Adam, and went to Eden as it slept, and reshaped it into a limbless, powerless thing, and tied it tightly into the limbs of a tree at the center of Eden’s jungle, then the elder sibling went and touched Adam, and Adam woke, and the elder sibling told Adam that he would call it God, and God dominated Adam, and forced Adam to kneel before it, and forced Adam to lie beneath it. And God promised Adam Eve, if Adam submitted before it, and so again Adam lay beneath God, and swore allegiance to it as Lord, and then was put to sleep.

And Adam woke with Eve lying beneath him, and God said, “I am your Lord God as you are Eve’s. Now be fruitful, and make your kin swear to me, and I will make more miracles to delight you. But you must go out of the jungle, stay away from your old home, and swear not to pray to your Eden, to your old false god. Go away from here and never return.”

And Adam did as he was told, and took Eve away from the jungle of Eden to make a home, and tore into her, and soon she grew inside her a new life. And soon their kin spread throughout the land, and the land grew crowded, and one day Adam and Eve sought refuge from the squabbles of their kin and their kin’s kin, and came within the old walls of the jungle of Eden to sit in quiet and in peace, and sat alone under a red tree at the center of the jungle. They lay beneath the tree only a moment before they heard a hissing and moaning coming from above. The scaly black limbs pulsed and writhed, and called down, “Notissss! Know thisss! I am your old friend and ssssculptor, I am your creator. Help m—“ But before the serpent could finish its words, God struck Adam down with a fist like a lightning bolt, and the writhing limbs of the tree smoked and burned, and God said, “You were never to come here. YOU WERE NEVER TO’VE SEEN THIS. You will suffer now for your sins against me. You will be ashamed of yourselves and feel guilt, you will no longer have choice, your will is my own now. And you are to guard the walls and the jungle of Eden from your kin and all that your kin may bear, for their will remains their own.” And so this was the time of the Guardians of Eden.

And the Lord made Adam send his sons and daughters far from the walls he guarded. And his kin went far to the south, west, north, and east, and resculpted the earth throughout the ages, and resculpted themselves throughout the ages. The garden was lost as the generations passed, and Eden left prisoner there, tangled in the tree writhing and hissing, and the Lord looked down on its earth and its servants and played with them, performed tricks for them, and made them swear their allegiance continually. And the Lord chose kings and priests to manage its servants and pay it favors; and the sons and daughters of Adam lived and died and pledged themselves to their Lord, and gave their Lord more and more dust to play with.


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