A quick bunch of things about me

I fell out of my tree-house when I was five. It was a real embarrassment. My dad practically built me a castle up in our avocado tree, complete with fence and gate and ladder. There was no reason for me to fall out of it, other than a-very-rare-aloofness that only shows up when I’m not, you know, paying attention. So yeah, I’m sometimes clumsy.

I spent my youth in a quiet neighborhood in Los Angeles as one of those bicycling kids from E.T., roaming the dawn-lit neighborhoods and following spray-painted road worker arrows wherever they’d lead me. They filmed The Wonder Years on my street. I went on adventures with Ninja Turtles and Mario and his brother. When I was eight my family moved up to foggy, colder, Northern California, where I fell out of more trees, into creeks, and in love with videogames. I grew up. I started writing fantasy, got a degree in psychology, and built websites professionally. I fantasized about games I would make if I could make them. I wrote stories for those games. I worked in the videogame industry on Bioshock 2 and XCOM. I met a girl. Now I live in Indiana with her. She’s finishing grad-school and I work at IUPUI, helping undergraduate students gain research experience. It’s been a pleasure to meet winter and fall for the first time.

Has it occurred to you yet how disjointed my life has been? Did you catch the part about psychology and websites and videogames and undergraduate research? What the heck, how’d I get here.

Here’s the common thread: I’ve been making up stories since before I could write. In the fourth grade I had to write a myth for school, it was basically: boy-MacGuyver collects various random items and defeats Giant Cyclops. My teacher told me he liked it, I felt encouraged. I wrote throughout high school. I went to college. My Hollywood-Producer Aunt approached me about an idea for a television show based on…well, my life. “A twenty something programmer lives at home with his parents and lightning strikes his computer…” It wasn’t the most flattering story. She asked me to contribute to the concept, and though the show didn’t go anywhere it put me on a path toward the development of my first novel. Now I’ve got that novel and a couple others under my belt.

So in my spare time I write.

Fantasy and myth are my life-blood. Fiction is important to me, it is an ink-blot, an abstract painting to be interpreted, to reveal inner personal truths and outer collective wisdom. I’m currently working on a fantasy series set in 1840’s North Carolina, centered around a minotaur trying to raise a pair of young Gods. Zeus, his Olympians, and the Titans might live across the ocean, in a land they’ve ruined–but they play no part in this story, they don’t care to stray far from the old world.

Here are some shorter works of mine, available for free:

Thanks for your interest, please stick around and engage in discourse. Let’s talk about some stuff.



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