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Building Khaos

This is the first draft of a character sketch/world building exercise I did to help me better understand the origin of the deities and magic of my novel. I will be posting a more fleshed out version shortly, which stretches the story out and reveals a whole lot more about Khaos and her society.

I am known as Khaos to my people, though it has no great meaning to them yet. I have just learned (among other things) what it will come to mean, which it turns out is the antithesis to my thesis. The chaos of which I speak is a true danger to this world, and it is my compulsion to create structure, rules which promote homeostasis, stability, so that chaos cannot unravel that which I love and cherish; my people, my family.

I will be the one to shape the rules of this world. I know this because this morning I became omniscient. I am a God, or what will be called a God in the years to come.

When I woke up, just a few moments ago, from my grassy place in the corner of my dirt floored, stick-and-mud hut, I didn’t understand why fire always came to the fire pit when I needed it to warm the cooking pot, and when I looked through the open doorway and thought the crop looked thirsty, I didn’t understand why rain began to fall. I simply thought that was how it was supposed to be. I was puzzled by clouds, and by stars, by plants and animals; by sun and moon. I had a very incomplete knowledge of everything; but it was my love to question life, to question these things, and the question that I asked myself today was, can I know the answers to these questions, of the fire, and of the rain? and instead of wondering about the answers themselves, I decided to know them, and then I did. It was then that I became aware of my omnipotence, and decided I could know the answers to all questions, and I do. I now have complete knowledge, and am the first and only omniscient.

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